Structure and strategy: evolution of paradigms

  • Fernando Carvalho de Almeida USP; FEA; Departamento de Administração
  • Alfredo José Machado Neto USP; FEA; Programa de Pós-graduação
  • Janaina de Moura Engracia Giraldi USP; FEA; Departamento de Administração; Programa de Pós-graduação
Keywords: Structure, Strategy, Organizations


The interdependent relations that exist between the structure of an organization and the organizational strategies to be implemented were analyzed. A review was made of literature on strategy, strategic management and methods of implementing strategies appropriate for organization objectives. Traditional models of organization structures were then analyzed as well as the inherent strategic advantages and disadvantages. Then the approach of various authors to these interdependent relations was studied. It was concluded that although organizational strategy can be established by analyzing organization structure as well as the strong and weak aspects involved, this is not always feasible. With fast paced technologies and sharpening global competition, the best alternatives are flexible organization structures that may be quickly changed to attend strategies capable of insuring participation of the organization in the volatile environment.


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Almeida, F., Machado Neto, A., & Giraldi, J. (2006). Structure and strategy: evolution of paradigms . REGE Revista De Gestão, 13(2), 15-26.
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