Relationship marketing between manufacturers and retailers

  • Edson Crescitelli Universidade de São Paulo; Faculdade de Economia, Administração e Contabilidade
  • Ana Akemi Ikeda Fundação Instituto de Administração
Keywords: Relationship Marketing, Manufacturers, Retail


The relationship of manufacturers with the distribution channel is an essential activity that is becoming more critical as retailing tends to concentrate in large specialized companies. Relationship marketing with wholesalers and retailers can be a valuable tool if appropriately used. Circumstances where relationship marketing between manufacturers and retailers may contribute to improve relations as well as maximize the performance of manufacturers were investigated. Literature was reviewed on the subjects of relationship marketing and marketing channels. Field research included in depth interviews with manufacturers' representatives and appliance retailer networks. Results show that relationship marketing may have a positive influence by contributing to better relations between manufacturers and retailers; however, effectiveness depends upon the conditions under which it is implemented.


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Crescitelli, E., & Ikeda, A. (2006). Relationship marketing between manufacturers and retailers . REGE Revista De Gestão, 13(2), 55-65.