Marketing positioning revisited

  • Braulio Oliveira FIA
  • Marcos Cortez Campomar FIA
Keywords: Positioning, Strategic Positioning, Marketing


Definition of a strategic guideline that coordinates organizational action, optimizes employee resources and that allows the target public to observe and interpret this direction in relation to that of competition, is essential for business success. This exploratory and theoretical paper discussed the evolution of market positioning from the development of the concept to the stage of variability with which it is currently treated. Literature reviewed disclosed that positioning may be considered as a strategic concept that translates into the value proposition of the company for a given offer and serves as an orientation for marketing decisions. Interaction of positioning was further related to concepts of market segmentation, brand, differentiation and image.


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Oliveira, B., & Campomar, M. (2007). Marketing positioning revisited . REGE Revista De Gestão, 14(1), 41-52.