User perceptions in relation to the attributes of innovation


  • Fabrício Baron Mussi Universidade Federal do Paraná
  • Kleber Cuissi Canuto Universidade Federal do Paraná



Attributes of Innovation, User's Perception, Qualitative-Quantitative Research


Reorganization of internal processes constitutes one of the alternatives for enterprises to reduce costs and optimize resources. Identification of these innovations and development opportunities may be furthered by information technology with resources such as the program Fleet System. However to motivate adoption, employees must recognize innovations as beneficial for them. The purpose of this study was to verify and analyze how the implementation of an information technology program, Fleet System, took place and how users understood it. A mixed approach to research was used to conciliate qualitative and quantitative methods. The approach adopted included exploratory and descriptive analytical phases for familiarization with the phenomena investigated and to analyze relationships between variables observed. It was noted that innovation was implemented gradually and that users recognized the majority of attributes described in literature. However, concerning the attributes of relative advantage and results of use, there was a statistical difference in this recognition among groups of users related to their time on the job.


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Mussi, F. B., & Canuto, K. C. (2008). User perceptions in relation to the attributes of innovation . REGE Revista De Gestão, 15(spe), 17-30.



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