Organizational management in family businesses in the Vale do Rio dos Sinos


  • Ernani Cesar de Freitas Universidade Feevale
  • Lucas Saldanha Krai Universidade Feevale



Organizational Management, Family Businesses, Planning, Professionalization, Regional Development


In the context of business changes, family businesses have often been observed and studied because of their potential for development. Furthermore, these are organizations that have contributed much, and will continue to contribute, to development of the region and the communities, while occupying a prominent position in the business scenario. The organizational practices of management by these businesses in the region of the Vale do Rio dos Sinos were identified and described to provide considerations and potential actions for improving the organizational models adopted. The methodology of exploratory and field research was applied to develop this study. For analysis, the qualitative approach was used to interpret data collected. Results suggest that the family businesses studied implement changes and improvements in their management practices so that organizational models adopted are flexible and adjusted to the globalized world today thereby contributing to growth of the business and also to local, regional and national development as well.


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Freitas, E. C. de, & Krai, L. S. (2010). Organizational management in family businesses in the Vale do Rio dos Sinos . REGE Revista De Gestão, 17(4), 387-402.



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