Labor productivity of the knowledge worker

  • Armando Cuesta Santos Universidad Tecnológica de La Habana; Facultad de Ingeniería Industrial
  • Marino Valencia Rodríguez Universidad Libre de Cali; Observatorio de Gestiónde Talento Humano
Keywords: Labor Productivity, Labor Organization, Knowledge Worker


Considerations are made about the concept of labor productivity and its incrementation, as developed by Marx, since it is entirely valid to determine labor productivity of those who work with knowledge. Noteworthy is the attachment of this productivity of the knowledge worker with a singular organization of work and the continued education inherent in an organization of constant learning.


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Santos, A., & Rodríguez, M. (2010). Labor productivity of the knowledge worker . REGE Revista De Gestão, 17(4), 421-436.
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