• Nildes Pitombo Leite Universidade Nove de Julho
  • Fábio Pitombo Leite The Ohio State University at Lima
  • Lindolfo Galvão de Albuquerque Universidade de São Paulo



Management of Organizational Behavior, Strategic Management of People, Observational Study.


This work describes an analysis of the management of organizational behavior by observing a group ofindividuals from a strategic level of a multinational organization in the petrochemical industry located inCandeias, BA, Brazil formed for the purpose of facilitating changes in organizational behavior and attitude.This study sought to answer the question of how management of organizational behavior may contribute tothe improvement of policies, practices and tools for managing people in this organization in line with theoverall objective of analyzing the management of organizational behavior of that organization. Thetheoretical foundation with its major landmarks of Dutra, 2002; Casado, 2007; Lacombe & Chu, 2008;Mascarenhas, 2008; Lengnick-Hall, M. L, Lengnick-Hall, C. A.; Andrad & Drake, 2009; Albuquerque andLeite, 2009, briefly contextualized the elements of organizational behavioral management by identifyingattitudes and values associated with them, based on the group behavior. The study is qualitative andobservational, based on participant observation of group behavior in the natural setting of discussionsduring seven business meetings. The discussion that took place in four sequential focus group sessions wasused to assist analysis of data obtained from the business meetings. The method of content analysis was used,based on excerpts both observed and recorded, for business meetings, interactions and focus group discussions. Results indicate that the basis of behavior management to improve the management practices ofpeople in this organization is trust combined with the clarity that the desire of its members is to beproductive, and their need is to be recognized


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Author Biographies

Nildes Pitombo Leite, Universidade Nove de Julho

Professora do Programa de Mestrado e Doutorado em Administração da Universidade Nove de Julho (UNINOVE) − São Paulo-SP, Brasil

Tutora do Programa de Educação Tutorial da UNINOVE

Doutora em Administração

Pós-Doutoramento com ênfase em Gestão Estratégica de Pessoas

Fábio Pitombo Leite, The Ohio State University at Lima

Assistant Professor of Psychology − The Ohio State University at Lima − Lima-Ohio, EUA

Doutor em Ciências Socias com Especialização em Psicologia Matemática

Pós-doutor em Psicologia Cognitiva

Lindolfo Galvão de Albuquerque, Universidade de São Paulo

Professor Titular do Departamento de Administração da Faculdade de Economia, Administração e Contabilidade, Universidade de São Paulo - FEA−USP – São Paulo-SP, Brasil

Mestre, Doutor e Livre Docente em Administração

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Leite, N. P., Leite, F. P., & Albuquerque, L. G. de. (2013). MANAGEMENT 0F THE ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR AND OF PEOPLE: AN OBSERVATIONAL STUDY. REGE Revista De Gestão, 19(2).



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