"Playing" Logistics in Brazil


  • Marco Aurélio Carino Bouzada




Business Games, Logistics, Training


This work is about a logistics business game, BR-LOG. The game simulates the Brazilian situation with the cities and correct distances. In order to explore some of the gaps left by similar works - as researched and highlighted in a review of literature – by dealing with new concepts and variables, the game tried to be as realistic as possible, within operational viability. The intention was to create a tool that could provide literature briefly compares company games with other teaching and training tools in addition to presenting a summary of logistic games available in Brazil. The characteristics of BR-LOG are then described illustrating the concepts, variables and trade-offs involved. A special topic is devoted to demonstrating some screens of the game in order to illustrate the possibilities and decisions involved as well as the concepts explored. Also briefly described are four game application experiences with different audiences and a report of the important impressions and feedback obtained. The conclusion of the article focuses on new ideas that could be implemented to improve business games or even BR-LOG.


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Author Biography

Marco Aurélio Carino Bouzada

Professor da Universidade Estácio de Sá (mestrado em Administração), da ESPM, do COOPPEAD/UFRJ e de outras instituições (de gradução e MBA) – Rio de Janeiro-RJ, Brasil. Doutor e Mestre em Administração pelo COOPPEAD/UFRJ.

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Bouzada, M. A. C. (2012). "Playing" Logistics in Brazil. REGE Revista De Gestão, 19(4), 647-668. https://doi.org/10.5700/issn.2177-8736.rege.2012.61979



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