Culture and International Positioning of Services Brands


  • Ana Akemi Ikeda
  • Vanessa Gabas Garrán



Brands, Positioning, Internationalization, Culture


This study aims to analyze the international positioning of services brands under the focus of local cultural differences. To reach the proposed goal, a revision of the literature concerning brand management, international positioning and culture was made, as well as a field survey of exploratory and qualitative nature, using the study case method. The banking sector was chosen for the field research, done by conducting two case studies concerning Banco Itaú and Banco Santander. The aim was to learn how a Brazilian bank (Itaú) proceeded in its process of internationalization of the brand in foreign countries, and, on the other hand, understand how a foreign bank (Santander) implemented its operations in Brazil, with a focus on managing its brand, considering the Brazilian cultural aspects. The analysis of the results was first made individually for each case and, after, comparatively in light of the theoretical framework previously performed. The study results indicate that it is possible for organizations to globalize their brands in an adaptive way for a different cultural environment without mischaracterizing their essences and nuclear identities.


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Author Biographies

Ana Akemi Ikeda

Professora Titular da FEA/USP. Bolsa Produtividade CNPQ 1D – São Paulo-SP, Brasil. Vice-coordenadora do MBA Marketing (FIA).

Vanessa Gabas Garrán

Doutora em Marketing pela FEA/USP. Mestre pela PUC-SP – São Paulo-SP, Brasil. Pesquisadora e Especialista em Marcas.

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Ikeda, A. A., & Garrán, V. G. (2013). Culture and International Positioning of Services Brands. REGE Revista De Gestão, 20(1), 113-130.