Proposal of a Protocol for the Study of Intuition and the Decision-Marking Process.


  • Fernando Kuhn Andriotti
  • Henrique Mello Rodrigues de Freitas PPGA/EA/UFRGS ̶ Porto Alegre-RS
  • Cristina Dai Prá Martens PPGA-UNINOVE ̶ São Paulo-SP


Intuition, Decision-making, Emotions, Rationality.


The current context in which business executives and managers are embedded is dynamic and imposes pressure for results. Quick and accurate decisions are necessary, supported by decision-making models and by more subjective aspects, such as intuition. Although intuition has been studied for a long time, there are few studies about its role in decision-making, especially in the Brazilian reality. This article aims to make a reflection on intuition in the context of decision-making and to present a research protocol proposal for Brazilian reality, seeking to understand how intuition and decision-making interact. Through a theoretical approach, this proposition is based on other researches that have been made in management, looking for the main contributions, in order to elaborate a broader scenario in its observation scope, adding up to everything that was already developed. We come to the conclusion that a study of intuition cannot oppose it to the rational process of decision-making; it is rather a complementary tool. For this reason, the presented instruments in literature leave some gaps and do not provide a complete overview on the subject.


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Author Biographies

Fernando Kuhn Andriotti

Doutor em Administração pelo PPGA/EA/UFRGS ̶ Porto Alegre-RS, Brasil Mestre em Administração pelo PPGA/EA/UFRGS. Graduado em Administração pela UFRGS

Henrique Mello Rodrigues de Freitas, PPGA/EA/UFRGS ̶ Porto Alegre-RS

Professor do PPGA/EA/UFRGS ̶ Porto Alegre-RS, Brasil Pós-doutor pela University of Baltimore e Université Pierre-Mendes – France Doutor em Gestão pela UPMF

Cristina Dai Prá Martens, PPGA-UNINOVE ̶ São Paulo-SP

Professora do PPGA-UNINOVE ̶ São Paulo-SP, Brasil Pós-doutora pela UPMF. Mestre em Administração pelo PPGA/EA/UFRGS Doutora em Administração pelo PPGA/EA/UFRGS



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Andriotti, F. K., Freitas, H. M. R. de, & Martens, C. D. P. (2014). Proposal of a Protocol for the Study of Intuition and the Decision-Marking Process. REGE Revista De Gestão, 21(2), 163-181. Retrieved from



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