Archaeological collections and research.

  • Cecilia Pérez de Micou
Keywords: Collections - Museum - Research - Archaeology - Argentine Northwest.


This paper discuss the pros and cons of research based on museum collections. Collections are classified according with the way in which they were collected and recorded. They are considered as an assemblage of archaeological remains produced throughout natural and cultural formation processes. Understanding these processes sheds light on the biases each researcher must take into account during analysis. We present here the case of Doncellas Collection, from the 1940's in the Department of Cochinoca (Jujuy province, Argentina), stored today in the Museo Etnográfico (Buenos Aires) and the Museo del Pucará (Tilcara); both museums belong to the University of Buenos Aires


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Micou, C. (1998). Archaeological collections and research. Revista Do Museu De Arqueologia E Etnologia, (8), 223-233.
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