Objects, landscapes and heritage: an introduction

  • Claudia R. Plens Departamento de História, Escola de Filosofia, Letras e Ciencias Humanas, Universidade de São Paulo
Keywords: Historical Archaeology, multidisciplinarity


This heritage inventory project of Guarulhos, while providing multiple and deep discussions, it's just the initial trigger of a long term project that instigates and allows the development of several especific projects on archeology,
history, culture, heritage and memory by various researchers of public and private organizations.

The protection and conservation of cultural heritage, as discussed in some papers in this volume, relies mainly on the practices that society itself generates around of its assets as well on the relationship that distinctives social segments built with the cultural patrimony .


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Plens, C. (2016). Objects, landscapes and heritage: an introduction. Revista Do Museu De Arqueologia E Etnologia, (26), 1-9. https://doi.org/10.11606/issn.2448-1750.revmae.2016.119007

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