African-Brazilian religions ritual areas in Guarulhos

  • Claudia R. Plens Departamento de História, Escola de Filosofia, Letras e Ciencias Humanas, Universidade Federal de São Paulo.
Keywords: Afro-Brazilian religions, Archaeology of Sacred Places, religious intolerance.


Although the local African religions are barely known, some data
reveal their importance in the city of Guarulhos when comparing with other
cities in the State of São Paulo. This paper triggers a discussion about this
importance by doing a first reading of the representativeness of religious ritual
areas, Candomblé Temples, called “terreiros,” in the city, and proposing further
investigation of the matter in order to foster historical and cultural awareness.
This awareness, when connected to religion, allows a better understanding of
these religions by the public and the development of research and heritage
preservation policies.


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Plens, C. (2016). African-Brazilian religions ritual areas in Guarulhos. Revista Do Museu De Arqueologia E Etnologia, (26), 151-162.