Are small business owners entrepreneurs? Exploring small business manager behavioral profiles in the São Paulo Metropolitan region


  • Roberto Coda Faculdade Campo Limpo Paulista
  • Patrícia Viveiros de Castro Krakauer Faculdade Campo Limpo Paulista
  • Davi de França Berne Faculdade Campo Limpo Paulista



Leadership styles, Small businesses, Entrepreneurship


This article presents the results of an exploratory study to identify behavioral styles of professionals performing managing functions in micro and small enterprises. The M.A.R.E. Diagnosis was used to analyze motivational orientation adapted to the context of Brazilian organizations. This quantitative research included 407 managers of small enterprises in the western metropolitan region of São Paulo City (SP). A comparative analysis was conducted of a sample of micro and small business owners and the results of a Brazilian sample collected in previous studies. The results showed that these managers are significantly more focused on Entrepreneurial and Analytical orientations. They are predominantly Producers, Competitors, Achievers, Facilitators, Monitors and Regulators, indicating that the behavioral development of small enterprise managers is associated with their efforts to focus on resources, concerns over improving planning and organization standards in their organizations, and on becoming aware of and implementing much needed innovation.


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