Technological coevolution in the electric energy sector


  • Camila Franco Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro; Instituto COPPEAD de Administração
  • Samuel Façanha Câmara Universidade Estadual do Ceará
  • Ronaldo Couto Parente Florida International University



Coevolution, Technologic capabilities, Electric energy


This article analyzes the co-evolution of technological capabilities of electric companies’ subsidiaries and Small and Medium Enterprises connected through common Research and Development projects. The analysis is based on the following variables: learning, network and autonomy, which together form the construct of Embeddedness, i.e. the level of involvement these companies develop. In order to achieve the objectives, the authors conducted interviews aiming to identify the characteristics of each variable. As a result, an evolution in the technological capabilities was found, in both the subsidiaries and the partner companies, after the development of the projects. This accumulation is achieved through the relationship with the levels of Embeddedness (learning and network); and such relationship is directly proportional in the beginning of the projects and inversely proportional in the end. The change in the relationship between variables highlights the companies’ capacity to absorb and accumulate the acquired knowledge even when the partnership has already ended.


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