Prioritization of strategies to approach the judicialization of health in Latin America and the Caribbean


  • Carlos Eduardo Pinzón-Flórez Universidad de La Sabana
  • Evelina Chapman Organização Pan-americana de Saúde
  • Leonardo Cubillos World Bank Institute
  • Ludovic Reveiz Pan American Health Organization; Department of Knowledge Management, Bioethics and Research



OBJECTIVE To describe strategies that contribute to the comprehensive approach to the judicialization of health in countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. METHODS A search was structured to identify articles presenting strategies to approach the judicialization of health. A survey was designed, which included actors of the health system and judiciary sector. We prioritized the strategies qualified by more than the 50.0% of the participants as “very relevant”. Strategies were categorized according to: governance, provision of services, human resources, information systems, financing, and medical products. RESULTS We included 64 studies, which identified 50 strategies, related to the sub-functions and components of health systems. Of the 165 people who answered the survey, 80.0% were aged 35-64 years. The distribution of men and women was homogeneous. Half of the respondents were from Colombia (20.0%), Uruguay (16.9%), and Argentina (12.7%). We prioritized strategies that addressed aspects of generation of useful scientific evidence for decision making according to the health needs of the population, empowerment for the society, and creating spaces for discussion of measures of inclusion or exclusion of health technologies. The executive and judiciary decision makers prioritized questions that dealt with strategies that would ensure accountability. CONCLUSIONS The results of this study contribute to the identification of effective strategies to approach the phenomenon of judicialization of health, guaranteeing the right to health.



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Pinzón-Flórez, C. E., Chapman, E., Cubillos, L., & Reveiz, L. (2016). Prioritization of strategies to approach the judicialization of health in Latin America and the Caribbean . Revista De Saúde Pública, 50, 56.



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