Body weight changes in the NutriNet Brasil cohort during the covid-19 pandemic




Weight gain, Weight loss, Sociodemographic variables, Nutritional status, Coronavirus infections


This study describes body weight changes among participants of the NutriNet Brasil cohort
(n = 14,259) during the covid-19 pandemic. We analyzed data reported before the pandemic onset
(01/26/2020 to 03/18/2020) and about six months after (09/14/2020 to 10/19/2020). Our results
show that 19.7% of the participants gained ≥ 2 kg. Weight gain was directly associated with
male gender, lower education, and previous presence of overweight, and inversely associated
with age. In turn, 15.2% lost ≥ 2kg, being directly associated with male gender and previous
presence of overweight and inversely associated with age.


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Costa, C. dos S., Steele, E. M. ., Leite, M. A., Rauber, F., Levy, R. B. ., & Monteiro, C. A. . (2021). Body weight changes in the NutriNet Brasil cohort during the covid-19 pandemic. Revista De Saúde Pública, 55, 1.



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