Health changes during Covid-19: a nationwide study with dental students




Students, Dental, Adaptation, Psychologica, Health Behavior, Physical Distancing, COVID-19


OBJECTIVE: To assess the changes in stress levels, social behavior, dietary and parafunctional habits, oral hygiene, among other conditions perceived by dental students in Brazil during the Covid-19 pandemic and evaluated the correlations between stress level and other variables. METHODS: An online questionnaire was developed and validated. Undergraduates enrolled in private and public dental schools were recruited by convenience sampling. Data were collected on the perceived changes regarding stress levels, financial and social characteristics, dietary habits, oral hygiene, health conditions, and parafunctional habits. Quantitative variables were expressed as absolute and relative frequencies. Wilcoxon test evaluated comparisons between perceived changes, and correlations between changes in stress levels and other variables were analyzed by Spearman correlation (α = 0.05). RESULTS: A total of 638 dental students, mean age of 22.95 ± 4.10 years, participated in the study. During the pandemic, the reported stress levels increased while household income decreased (p < 0.05). Late dinners and mindless eating increased in frequency, whereas oral hygiene decreased (p < 0.05). Most of the health conditions and parafunctional habits assessed changed (p < 0.05). Perceived stress levels showed poor negative correlations with household income (rS = −0.14), poor positive correlations with the pressure to contribute financially in the household (rS = 0.19), and poor positive correlations with food choice frequency (rS = 0.15) (p < 0.05). CONCLUSIONS: Dental students reported perceived changes in stress levels, dietary habits, oral hygiene, health conditions, parafunctional habits, and social behavior. Moreover, the results showed poor correlations, as students with higher stress levels tended to have the lowest household income, feel pressured to contribute financially in the household, and present a high meal intake frequency.


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