Accessibility to health services by persons with disabilities


  • Shamyr Sulyvan Castro Universidade Federal do Triângulo Mineiro; Instituto de Ciências da Saúde; Departamento de Fisioterapia
  • Fernando Lefèvre Universidade de São Paulo; Faculdade de Saúde Pública; Departamento de Prática de Saúde
  • Ana Maria Cavalcanti Lefèvre Instituto de Pesquisa do Discurso do Sujeito Coletivo
  • Chester Luiz Galvão Cesar USP; FSP; Departamento de Epidemiologia



Disabled Persons, Mobility Limitation, Health Services Accessibility, Disabled Health, Qualitative Research


OBJECTIVE: To analyze the difficulties in accessibility to health services experienced by persons with disabilities. METHODOLOGICAL PROCEDURES: A qualitative study was performed with individuals who reported having a certain type of disability (paralysis or amputation of limbs; low vision, unilateral or total blindness; low hearing, unilateral or total deafness). A total of 25 individuals (14 women) were interviewed in the city of São Paulo, Southeastern Brazil, between June and August 2007, responding to questions about transportation and accessibility to health services. Collective Subject Discourse was the methodology used to analyze results and analyses were performed with the Qualiquantisoft software. ANALYSIS OF RESULTS: The analysis of discourses on transportation to health services revealed a diversity in terms of the user going to the service alone or accompanied; using a private car, public transportation or ambulance or walking; and requiring different times to arrive at the service. With regard to the difficulties in accessibility to health services, there were reports of delayed service, problems with parking, and lack of ramps, elevators, wheelchairs, doctors and adapted toilets. CONCLUSIONS: Individuals with a certain type of disability used various means of transportation, requiring someone to accompany them in some cases. Problems with accessibility to health services were reported by persons with disabilities, contradicting the principle of equity, a precept of the Brazilian Unified Health System.



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Castro, S. S., Lefèvre, F., Lefèvre, A. M. C., & Cesar, C. L. G. (2011). Accessibility to health services by persons with disabilities . Revista De Saúde Pública, 45(1), 99-105.



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