Roof modular system in wood and particle board (OSB) to rural construction


  • Juliano Fiorelli USP; FZEA; Depto. de Engenharia de Alimentos
  • Julio Soriano UNICAMP; FEAGRI; Depto. de Construções Rurais e Ambiência
  • Francisco Antonio Rocco Lahr USP; EESC; Depto. de Engenharia de Estruturas



structural system, recycled tile, reforestation wood


Wood is a material of great applicability in construction, with advantageous properties to form various structural systems, such as walls and roof. Most of the roof structural systems follow models that have remained unchanged for a long time. A roof modular system in distinguished materials is proposed: reforested wood (Pine), oriented strand board (OSB) and roof tiles made of recycled long-life packaging material in order to be applied in rural construction. In this alternative, besides the benefit of giving destination packages with long-life thermal comfort, it also highlights the use of reforestated wood being the cultivation of such species that provides incentive for agribusiness. The structural performance of this alternative was evaluated through computer modeling and test results of two modular panels. The analysis is based on the results of vertical displacements, deformations and stresses. A positive correlation between theoretical and experimental values was observed, indicating the model's feasibility for use in roof structures. Therefore, the modular system represents a solution to new architecture conceptions to rural construction, for example, storage construction, cattle handling and poultry, with benefits provided by prefabricated building systems.


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Fiorelli, J., Soriano, J., & Lahr, F. A. R. (2012). Roof modular system in wood and particle board (OSB) to rural construction . Scientia Agricola, 69(3), 189-193.



Agricultural Engineering