SUS social control: health in a border region on the agenda




Unified Health System, Social Control, Formal, Border Health


Our study analyzes the dynamics of the exercise of social control in a Brazilian municipality in an international frontier region, based on the records by minutes of the Municipal Health Council (MHC), referring to specific health policies for the location. The document analysis technique was used, aided by an instrument designed to identify the participation of counselors in meetings, activities and topics related to health policy on the border from 2006 to 2018, a period related to joining the Integrated Border Health System (SIS Fronteiras). The results indicate that the MHC discussed health policy without contextualizing it sufficiently in the specific territory of the border. Therefore, training mechanisms are recommended to improve action and organization, anchored on the health theme in border regions, supporting the exercise of social control oriented to the needs of the local reality of Brazilian border municipalities. Keywords: Unified Health System; Social Control; Formal; Border Health.


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Haum, N. D. A. P., & Carvalho, M. de. (2021). SUS social control: health in a border region on the agenda. Saúde E Sociedade, 30(4), e200350.