Cirandas da vida: dialogism and art within health management

  • Vera Lúcia de Azevedo Dantas Secretaria Municipal de Saúde de Fortaleza; Coordenadora pedagógica do Sistema Municipal de Saúde Escola
  • Ângela Maria Bessa Linhares Universidade Federal do Ceará; Faculdade de Educação
  • Elias José da Silva Secretaria Municipal de Saúde de Fortaleza
  • Raimundo Félix de Lima Secretaria Municipal de Saúde de Fortaleza
  • Maria Rocineide Ferreira da Silva UFC; UECE
  • Luiz Odorico Monteiro de Andrade UNICAMP
Keywords: Dialogism, Management, Popular education, Art, Health


This study discusses the actions of the project 'Cirandas da Vida', which works indialogism between the principles of community and the institutional field in the formulation and implementation of health policies. It tries to understand how popular perspective expresses itself artistically within health management, and to capture how communities express their history of fight through arts´ languages as a fertilizer of the principle of community; we looked into how popular actors insert themselves into the formulation and implementation of these policies, in order to understand how different groups of different generations express their readings of reality, in the dialogism lived within health management. Finally, we try and analyze how arts´ languages contribute to the construction of limit acts as strategies to surpass limit situations which came up during Cirandas' encounters . Action research was the chosen method: an extended research community was constituted and proceeded to a collective analysis of the experience. Violence points out that it is one of the limit situations, revealing its impact onto youth with problems with the law and the potential of the languages of art as spaces of expression, problematization and transgression of reality and the involvement of these youngsters within the construction of policies. It reveals also the focus on gender, and the strategies of social and solidarity economy and care practices as limit acts. Access to health services was another limit situation pointed out, emphasizing the necessity of strengthening humanization in health attention. Art and popular practices of care emerge as potentialities of the popular actors that participated of the management encounters, bringing their knowledge in a daily basis: the viable unknown.


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Dantas, V., Linhares, Ângela, Silva, E., Lima, R., Silva, M., & Andrade, L. (2012). Cirandas da vida: dialogism and art within health management. Saúde E Sociedade, 21(suppl.1), 46-58.