Synthetic plots: some history and examples

  • David R. Brillinger University of California, Berkeley, CA
Palavras-chave: Amazon river stages, bagplot, galaxies, history, monk seals. stochastic model assessment, spatial-temporal process, synthetic plots, time series.


Jerzy Neyman and Elizabeth Scott developed the idea of synthetic plots. These plots are a display of the data values of an experiment side by side with a display of simulated data values, with the simulation-based on a considered stochastic model. The Neyman and Scott work concerned the distribution of galaxies on the celestial sphere. A review of their wo is presented here followed by personal examples from hydrology, neuroscience, and animal motion.


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Brillinger, D. (2014). Synthetic plots: some history and examples. São Paulo Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 8(2), 157-168.