About the Journal

  • The journal Autopsy and Case Reports is a quarterly publication edited by the Hospital Universitário of the University of São Paulo (HU USP). It aims at publishing original case reports, scientific articles and clinical or experimental studies that will contribute to the development of clinical thinking skills, diagnostic methods, management, classification, and treatment of diseases. Articles should be related to academic autopsies, clinical cases or surgical pathology focusing on the clinical-pathologic-radiologic correlation, with excellent image documentation. The publication aims at disseminating information and scientific knowledge. Articles sessions include: letters to the editor, Image in Focus, original articles with reports of autopsies and clinical cases, surgical pathology cases and clinical studies; including the most important results of the study and analysis with contextualized discussion of the current literature.



    Open submissions and always peer-reviewed.


    Open submissions and always peer-reviewed.


    Open submissions and always peer-reviewed.


    Written by the members of the editorial board or by invited guest editors. Not peer-reviewed.


    Published by the journal whenever required. Not peer-reviewed.


    Invited or selected by the editorial board. Not peer-reviewed.



    Not peer-reviewed. Published once every year to disclose and thank the reviewers that helped with the volume articles.


    The evaluation process of this journal follows every ethic and technical principle of the double-blind peer review procedure. The editors, initially, review every article submitted to Autopsy and Case Reports regarding the minimum standard requirements and norms of the journal. Initially, the authors are requested to follow the Editors requirements. In a second step, the manuscript is sent to Reviewers who will evaluate the text, make comments and suggestions for changes, and give their opinion on the approval for publication. Reviewers remain anonymous to authors and vice versa (double-blind review). Based on the reviewer’s recommendations, the Editors make the final decision on the acceptance of the article for publication. Any changes suggested by the reviewers are forwarded to the authors to accepting or rejecting the reviewers’ requirements. In case of rejecting the reviewers recomendations, the authors are asked to justify their decision. Articles are accepted on the basis of originality, relevance, scientific contribution, and didactics.

    The whole process, from submission to final editorial decision, may be tracked electronically by the author by means of a username and password provided in the application.

    The manuscript will be reviewed using an online evaluation form that reflects this score sheet.


    Autopsy and Case Reports articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial (CC-BY-NC) license, providing immediate and free access to its content. It follows the principle of making the access to research available at no cost and generating global exchange of knowledge, bearing in mind that each access is associated to an increase in the number of readers of an author.


    Autopsy and Case Reports uses PubMed Central® (PMC) as a fulltext permanent archive. Learn more at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/.


    Autopsy and Case Reports uses turnitin© for screening for plagiarism.


    Autopsy and Case Reports does not charge submissions or article processing.