A revision of the Genus Anadia (Sauria, Teiidae)

  • Olav T. Oftedal Harvard University; Museum of Comparative Zoology


The concept of the microteiid genus Anadia Gray, 1845, has been expanded to include Argalia marmorata Gray, 1846 and one species - brevifrontalis - heretofore referred to Euspondylus. Both newly referred forms are close to species that have always been placed in Anadia. Eleven species - one new - are recognized in five species groups: (1) the ocellata group including ocellata Gray, vittata Boulenger, rhombifera (Günther) and petersi, new species; (2) the bogotensis group with only bogotensis (Peters); (3) the steyeri group with only steyeri Nieden; (4) the bitaeniata group including bitaeniata Boulenger, brevifrontalis (Boulenger) and pulchella Ruthven; and (5) the marmorata group with marmorata Gray and blakei Schmidt


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Oftedal, O. (1974). A revision of the Genus Anadia (Sauria, Teiidae) . Arquivos De Zoologia, 25(4), 203-265. https://doi.org/10.11606/issn.2176-7793.v25i4p203-265
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