Privacy & Plagiarism

The Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences follows the Libre open access model. This model provides unrestricted access to scholarly articles, which allows readers to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles, without any financial or legal barriers, since the credits are properly given. This model promotes the democratization of knowledge by providing free access to academic research to anyone, anywhere in the world, without discrimination. Journals that adopt the libre open access model demonstrate a commitment to making research more widely available and to promoting the progress of science and education.

BJPS follows the acess policy CC BY 4.0

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The authors plight to send a signed document to the Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, stating that the manuscript will not be simultaneously submitted to another Journal thereof.

The authors sign stating his due participation on the paper in which his responsibility is made public, undertaking any legal lawsuits resulting from the inaccuracy of the former statement.

The authors agree that, in case of having the article accepted, its copyright will be the sole property of the Brazilian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, provided that its reproduction, partial or total, in any media, printed or electronic, without previous authorization is forbidden.



Immediate rejection criteria

  1. Repetition of previously published data, either partially or
  2. Simple variation of parameters of a formulation, processes, synthesis,
  3. Modification of well-known delivery systems with no novelty and/or
  4. Plagiarism (intentional and unacknowledged copying of other’s work) and self-plagiarism (re-use of parts of an author’s previously published work without proper attribution).

Before entering the review process, all manuscripts will go through a similarity check using the plagiarism detection software iThenticate. If the editors agree that there is a high percentage of similarity to other texts, the manuscript will be rejected immediately.