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Clinical and Laboratorial Research in Dentistry

Clinical and Laboratorial Research in Dentistry - CLRD, is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal, publishing original research, clinical trials and review articles, editorials, and commentaries related to all areas of Dentistry and those interested in these fields. The journal is dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge and information relevant to dentistry. Submitted manuscripts will be evaluated considering originality, relevance and methodology. The content submitted must not be under consideration elsewhere.

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Table of Contents

Original Research

Patricia Kapicius, Fabio Daumas Nunes, Marcel Lautenschlager Arriaga, Ana Lúcia Aparecida Bronzo de Freitas, João Jurandir Simões Júnior, Regiana de Souza Carlini
Pedro Henrique Magalhães Cardoso, Rennan Luiz Oliveira dos Santos, Ana Clara Souza, Francisco de Assis Baroni, Carina Domaneschi, Claudete Rodrigues Paula
João Felipe Besegato, Gabriela dos Santos Ribeiro Rocha, Marlene de Sousa Amorim, Fabio Martins Salomão, Daniel Poletto, Kelly Limi Aida, Pablo Guilherme Caldarelli, Márcio Grama Hoeppner