Implicaciones de la acción educativa en espacios específicos de proyección profesional en España

  • Francisco Javier Blanco Encomienda Universidad de Granada
  • María José Latorre Medina Universidad de Granada


In the last years, there has been considerable increase in the number of publications depicting educative actions in special spaces of professional orientation, such as those required by sick and/or hospitalized youngsters, not just from the physical or medical viewpoint, but also from the psychological and educative one. In concrete terms, as part of the integral approach to situations of attention to the special educative needs in hospitals, emerge the 'hospital classes', teaching-learning environments which, given their specific characteristics of space and location, require an efficient psychopedagogical intervention, different from the normal one. The present work aims to contribute along these lines, centering its attention, firstly, at deciphering the meaning of Psychopedagogy within the hospital context. In this respect, the literature shows evidence of the fact that the psychopedagogical intervention in the hospital classes acquires significance and importance by having as its ultimate goal to help sustaining and supporting psychologically and educationally the children's processes of illness and hospitalization, with the purpose of preserving the best possible normality for the patient's life and those of their relatives. Next, the article goes further into the investigation of what would constitute an appropriate formation for the professional of Hospital Psychopedagogy, identifying four clusters of competences: pedagogical-didactical competences, political- -institutional competences, interactive competences, and specific competences. Lastly, the text collects the main educative implications of the work in this context, lining up proposals for action.


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Encomienda, F., & Medina, M. (2011). Implicaciones de la acción educativa en espacios específicos de proyección profesional en España . Educação E Pesquisa, 37(3), 583-598.