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Focus and Scope

The journal Paidéia ( Print ISSN: 0103-863X - Online ISSN: 1982-4327) is linked to the Programa de Pós-graduação em Psicologia from Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciências e Letras de Ribeirão Preto of Universidade de São Paulo. Published since 1991, it adopted from 2018 the system of publication in continuous flow (rolling pass), it issues research that addresses a problem clearly related to Psychology, specifically in the areas: Psychology of Health, Developmental Psychology, School and Educational Psychology, Social Psychology and Psychological Evaluation. 



Continuous flow (rolling pass)


Free Access Policy

Regarding the availability of contents, Paideia adopts the Creative Commons License, CC-BY. With this licence anyone is allowed to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format, as well as to remix, transform, and create from the material for any purpose, even commercial, giving the proper copyright credits to the journal, providing a link to the licence and indicating if changes have been made.


Partial reproduction of other publications

Quotations of more than 500 words, reproductions of one or more figures, tables or other illustrations must have written permission from the copyright holder of the original work for the reproduction specified in the Paidéia journal. Permission should be addressed to the author of the submitted manuscript. Secondarily obtained rights will not be transferred under any circumstance. 


Resolution of conflicts of interest and ethical violations

Paidéia follows the code of ethical conduct in publishing, as well as the position on AI recommended by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and the conducts of Best Practices of Publishing - Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors.

The editors will take the necessary measures to identify and prevent the publication of articles where research misconduct or ethical violations occur, including plagiarism, manipulation of citations and falsification / fabrication of data, absence of relevant authorizations, discrimination, among others. The situations and allegations that come to the knowledge of editors and reviewers will be taken to the Editorial Committee, which will take the appropriate measures, including referral to higher levels of the University, if necessary


Basics informations

Paidéia publishes original contributions on varied subjects in psychology, education and related areas.

Its abbreviated title is Paidéia (Ribeirão Preto), which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliographical references and strips.



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