New Central American and Mexican Enaphalodes Haldeman, 1847 (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) with taxonomic notes and a key to species


  • Steven W. Lingafelter University of Arizona (UA), Department of Entomology, Insect Collection (UAIC). Author
  • Antonio Santos-Silva Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Museu de Zoologia (MZUSP). Author



Cerambycinae, Elaphidiini, Key, Long horned beetle, Taxonomy.


A review of Enaphalodes Haldeman, 1847 is presented. Descriptions of four new species of Enaphalodes are included: E. antonkozlovi, sp. nov. from Costa Rica, E. bingkirki, sp. nov. from Nicaragua, E. monzoni, sp. nov. from Guatemala, and E. cunninghami, sp. nov. from Mexico. Enaphalodes senex (Bates, 1884) is revalidated and it is newly recorded from Nicaragua and Guatemala. A key to the 15 currently recognized species of Enaphalodes is included.


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Author Biographies

  • Steven W. Lingafelter, University of Arizona (UA), Department of Entomology, Insect Collection (UAIC).
    PhD University of Kansas 1996
    E. South Campus Dr., University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona 85721, U.S.A.
  • Antonio Santos-Silva, Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Museu de Zoologia (MZUSP).
    Avenida Nazaré, 481, Ipiranga, CEP 04263-000, São Paulo, SP, Brasil.


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