A Re-evaluation of the Eucnemidae larval characters (Coleoptera)





Evolution, Phylogenetics, Coleoptera, Eucnemidae


The larval characters of Eucnemidae are re-evaluated. Tribe Schizophilini Muona, 1993 is considered to merit subfamily rank as Schizophilinae Muona new status. Larval characters congruent with previously used adult morphological characters support the earlier published sister-group hypotheses for lignicolous eucnemids with one exception, Pseudomeninae, which is here split resulting in the following evolutionary hypothesis: (Pseudomeninae (Schizophilinae (Paleoxeninae (Melasinae, Eucneminae, Macraulcinae)))). The position of three remaining clades, Anischiinae, Perothopinae and Phyllocerinae remain ambiguous.


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Author Biographies

  • Jyrki Muona, Finnish Museum of Natural History, Zoological Museum - Helsinki, Finland.

    Helsinki, Finland.

  • Marianna Teräväinen, Finnish Museum of Natural History, Zoological Museum - Helsinki, Finland.

    Helsinki, Finland.


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