Paedarium subauratum (Blanchard, 1943) comb. nov. (Diptera, Tachinidae) parasitoid of the Southern armyworm Spodoptera eridania (Stoll): taxonomic redescription and biology, with notes on the genus Paedarium Aldrich, 1926




Dexiinae, Nothovoria, Parasitoid, Spodoptera eridania, Voriini


We provide a taxonomic note on Paedarium Aldrich, 1926, with new generic synonyms, Neopaedarium Blanchard, 1943 syn. nov. and Velardemyia Valencia, 1972 syn. nov., and new combinations resulting from these synonyms, Paedarium ica (Valencia, 1972) comb. nov. and Paedarium subauratum (Blanchard, 1943) comb. nov. Paedarium punctipennis Walker, 1857, is considered an unplaced species of Voriini. A redescription of P. subauratum and notes on its biology are given. A key for species of the genus Paedarium is provided.


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Author Biography

Ronaldo Toma, Fundação Oswaldo Cruz

Departamento de Biologia Taxonomia de Diptera


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