Information For Authors

Ethics Policy and Regulation

PHYLLOMEDUSA adheres to the Codes of Conduct and Good Practice set forth by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) (, and all submissions must adhere to these guidelines. For further information, the original English text is accessible at:


PHYLLOMEDUSA employs iThenticate, a service provided by CrossRef, to detect text similarity within previously published scientific documents. For additional details, please visit: Generative Artificial Intelligences In accordance with COPE guidelines, PHYLLOMEDUSA does not allow generative Artificial Intelligences to be included as authors of submissions, as they do not meet the authorship requirements in scientific productions, as they cannot assume responsibility for the content of the text. Additionally, the journal does not allow excerpts of submitted texts to have been generated by generative Artificial Intelligences, as authors are fully responsible for the content of their manuscripts. Access the COPE guidelines here:

Ethical principles

Decisions made by the Editors and Editorial Board will not be influenced by revenue sources.