Labor relations in nonprofit organizations

  • Arnaldo José França Mazzei Nogueira PUCSP; FEA
  • Viviane de Barros Rossini Fundação Instituto de Administração
Keywords: Labor Relations, Nonprofit Organizations


Development of labor relations in nonprofit organizations and current world practice in general were reviewed in literature. Examples of these organizations and their work characteristics were compared with labor relations in the public, the private and third sector. The increasing sophistication of these organizations, with a growing number of paid employees, raises questions related to the analysis of employee and organization dynamics and interactions which differ from those of the other sectors. As such, this study intended to launch considerations about how to conduct an analysis of this different sector as well as to evaluate the contribution of the more conventional experience available.


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Nogueira, A., & Rossini, V. (2007). Labor relations in nonprofit organizations . REGE Revista De Gestão, 14(1), 67-76.
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