The challenge of adopting e-learning by telecommunication employees


  • Liliana Vasconcellos Fundação Instituto de Administração
  • Maria Tereza Leme Fleury USP; FEA; Departamento de Administração



Use of E-learning, Implementation of E-learning in a company, Adoption of Technologies


Benefits of e-learning for an organization depend upon the extent to which the employees adopt this innovation. The factors that influenced individuals to accept e-learning in an organization were analyzed based on the Technology Acceptance Model-TAM by DAVIS et al. (1989). A review of literature on adoption of technologies and implementation of e-learning was made to develop the theoretical framework. Empirical research was conducted in a large telecommunications company with a multiple method approach including questionnaires for 312 employees, five interviews with the company e-learning team and document analysis. Results indicated factors that influenced e-learning intention of use and use behavior, highlighting a favorable learning environment as the most important because of its positive influence on both intention of use and use behavior for e-learning.


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Vasconcellos, L., & Fleury, M. T. L. (2008). The challenge of adopting e-learning by telecommunication employees . REGE Revista De Gestão, 15(spe), 31-46.



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