Conversations between women during cytopathological exam




Gender, Sexuality, Conversation Analysis, Speech in interaction


This article is about conversations between nurses and women, during gynecological consultations for cytopathological examination. This is a qualitative study that analyzed the conversations made during consultations carried out in three primary health care services of a municipality in the southern Brazil. The analysis of the conversations between nurses and women users of services was based on the theoretical-methodological perspective of speech in interaction, an approach in which the categories are not defined a priori, but they emerge from the interactions among the speakers. The interactional phenomena of interest are analyzed in excerpts from conversations between three nurses and seven of the 26 women who sought primary health care services, transcribed according to the conventions adopted by conversation analysts. Through the membership categorization analysis, one observed in the conversations women identify themselves with the traditional roles of mothers and wives. Nurses and users share the idea that men’s sexuality, based on the biological aspect, is unstoppable and believe they must fulfill spousal obligations, meeting the husbands’ sexual needs, even when they feel discomfort and pain. The findings of this study may help health professionals to reflect critically on their conversational interactions with health service users.


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Meneghel, S. N., & Andrade, D. P. (2019). Conversations between women during cytopathological exam. Saúde E Sociedade, 28(2), 174-186.