Digital citizenship:

a way out of the crisis of politics?

Keywords: Citizenship, Common, Democracy, Political participation, Digital networks


In La cittadinanza digitale: La crisi dell’idea occidentale di democrazia e la partecipazione nelle reti digitali, Massimo Di Felice describes two fundamental transformations that characterize our time: the advent of digital networks and the environmental crisis. This conjunction would lead the traditional forms of politics – eminently human – to an aporia, since now, in a context of widespread connectivity, elements of other natures – nonhuman – would also act. His proposal for the crisis: to bring all together in a new and diverse common, the digital citizenship. In this regard, he recommends an epistemological review and the formulation of a new lexicon, problematizing concepts such as society, individual and politics.


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Author Biography

Eli Borges Junior, Universidade de São Paulo (USP)
Doctoral student of the Graduate Program in Communication Sciences at University of São Paulo. São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) Doctoral Fellow: Process no. 2016/03588-7.


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