Vol. 70 No. Suppl. 1 (2022): Advances in Physical Oceanography honoring Prof. A. S. Mascarenhas Jr.

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This special article collection of Ocean and Coastal Research is dedicated to Prof. Affonso da Silveira Mascarenhas Jr. and includes eight scientific contributions from a few of his friends and colleagues. 

For this volume the eight manuscripts have been organized chronologically by type. Original Articles include: (1) Dewar and Deremble (2022) argue that the ultimate role of surface buoyancy fluxes is to damp the ocean circulation and that ocean energy cycles between internal and kinetic. (2) Flierl (2022) examined nonlinear topographic waves in barotropic, rigid lid models with a focus on how depth shapes can or cannot support solitary waves. (3) Collins and Castro (2022) discuss mass and heat flux measurements at the entrance to the Gulf of California. (4) Bou-Haya and Sato (2022) investigated the heat storage variability of the Brazil Current using a numerical ocean model and expendable bathythermograph measurements. (5) In a Brief Communication, Navarro-Olache et al. (2022) describe the evolution of a submesoscale eddy in Todos Santos Bay, Baja California, México, which was observed by high-frequency radar. (6) A Case Report by Pardo et al. (2022) describes the implementation of a portable module to measure the inorganic nutrients of surface ocean waters and describe the module’s ability to determine the eutrophication risk in upwelled waters along the NW Iberian Peninsula. Methods articles include: (7) Chu and Fan (2022), who describe eddy characteristics in the California Current based upon empirical mode decomposition of SOFAR float trajectories; and (8) Amorim et al. (2022), who develop a new technique to extrapolate velocity profiles in the South Brazil Bight using vertical dynamic modes.

This is the Volume 70, Suppl. 1 (2022) of the Ocean and Coastal Research.

Published: 2022-06-29

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