Fecal microbiota profile of ovariohysterectomized cats submitted to estrogen replacement





Fecal microbiota, Neutering, Obesity, 17 β-estradiol


This study aimed to observe the effects of 17 β estradiol replacements on the fecal microbiota in spayed cats. Individual samples of fresh feces were collected and stored at -80° C. Sequencing of the V3/V4 regions of the 16S rRNA gene was used, and bioinformatic analysis was performed. Firmicutes/Bacteriodetes ratio was lower in the group receiving estrogen replacement compared to the SHAM group (P = 0,005). Jaccard index (P = 0.123) and Yue & Clayton index (P = 0.094) did not reveal alpha and beta diversity differences. The linear discriminant analysis effect size (LefSe) identified Firmicutes and MegasPhaera as the biomarkers for the SHAM group, and Burkholderiales, Betaproteobacteria, Sutterellaceae, Suterella, Proteobacteria, Proteobacteria unclassified and Collinsella for the group receiving estrogen replacement. 


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