Persistent right aortic arch in the cat: a case report from a late surgical approach




Feline, Vascular ring anomaly, Regurgitation, Computed tomography, Left intercostal thoracotomy


Aortic arch anomalies can give rise to vascular rings, such as persistent right aortic arch (PRAA), a rare vascular anomaly in cats with significant health implications. Here, we report late surgical correction in a case of PRAA, an almost 12-month-old cat with the clinical syndrome of dysphagia and postprandial regurgitation. The patient was presented to the veterinary hospital at FMVZ-USP with a history of chronic regurgitation since puppyhood after weaning, with a significant worsening of the clinical condition 10 days ago. Computed tomography had a potential role in diagnosing and detecting complications of PRAA, allowing surgical planning. Approach via left thoracotomy and section of the arteriosus ligament resulted in the successful resolution of extrinsic esophageal compression due to PRAA with the restoration of normal swallowing of a dry diet by the cat and absence of esophageal sequelae on radiographic assessment in a six-month clinical follow-up.


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