Comparative study between propofol and propofol-ketamine for induction of anesthesia in dogs


  • Daniela Santilli Cima Universidade Guarulhos
  • Keiji Sato Universidade Paulista
  • Jacqueline Silva Torrecilla Universidade Paulista
  • Vinicius Toshio Iwata Universidade Paulista
  • Fábio Futema Universidade Guarulhos; Universidade Paulista



Anesthesia, Dog, Induction, Ketamine, Propofol


Anesthetic procedures in animals are widely used in hospital for routine surgery. For induction of anesthesia in dogs, propofol has been shown to be the drug of choice. The objectives of this study were the assessment of induction of anesthesia using propofol or propofol-ketamine. Twenty client-owned dogs were randomly assigned to treatment and control groups. All patients were administered acepromazine (0.05 mg kg-1) and fentanyl (5 µg kg-1) for premedication by intramuscular (IM) injection. Dogs in the treatment group were administered ketamine (1 mg kg-1), while dogs in the control group were administered 0.9% saline solution, by intravenous (IV) injection. Induction of anesthesia was done using IV propofol at a rate of 1 mL minute-1. Cardiopulmonary patterns were assessed before application of premedication, 15 minutes after application of premedication and after induction of anesthesia with propofol. Additionally, data regarding tracheal intubation score, presence of adverse effects and dose of propofol necessary for induction of anesthesia were collected. The control group showed significantly more adverse effects and changes in cardiopulmonary patterns when compared to the treatment group. There was a clinically significant reduction in the dose of propofol necessary for induction of anesthesia when associated with ketamine. The association of ketamine for induction of anesthesia in healthy dogs using propofol was able to reduce the dose of the induction agent necessary for tracheal intubation. Moreover, there was a reduction in the occurrence of adverse effects and cardiopulmonary depression, which allowed for a safer procedure for the patients.


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Cima, D. S., Sato, K., Torrecilla, J. S., Iwata, V. T., & Futema, F. (2016). Comparative study between propofol and propofol-ketamine for induction of anesthesia in dogs. Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science, 53(2), 146-152.